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Tournament information HSG Open 2020

Open Tournament, Friday 19th June – Sunday 21th June, 2020

6 rounds Swiss tournament with Group A> 1900, Group B >1600 and <1950, Group C <1650 + Groups of four

Venue is the beautiful Hotel Amrath Lapershoek in Hilversum, see also the attractive hotel arrangements below.

Subscribe for the tournament

1 hour and 50 minutes for the entire game + 10 seconds per move, starting from move 1 (for all groups)
Schedule A and B group
Friday: 12:30 to 16:30 and 18:30 to 22:30
Saturday: 12:30 to 16:30 and 18:30 to 22:30
Sunday: 09:30 to 13:30 and 14:15 to 18:15

Schedule Groups of four
Friday: 18:30 to 22:30
Saturday: 18:30 to 22:30
Sunday: 14:15 to 18:15

Winner Award ceremony Sunday at 18:30

FIDE Rating Processing (Group A + B) and KNSB Rating Processing (group A + B + C + Groups of four)

Register on Friday, June 19th between 10:30 and 12:00 in the playing room at the hotel. For the participants of the Groups of four and the players who take a bye in round 1 registration between 17:00 and 18:00.

Questions and information: info@hsgopen.nl

Entry fee

GM and IM no entry fee
FM Registration Fee: € 25, –
Group A Registration Fee: € 35, –
Group B and C Registration Fee: € 30, –
Youth under 18 years: € 20, –
Groups of four: € 20, –

Please register in advance. For registration at the venue an extra € 5 will be charged.
Players who are not yet members of a chess federation € 10 extra will be charged due to the mandatory rating processing

Please transfer the registration fee as soon as possible to account HSG Open, IBAN NL62ABNA0527553344, BIC ABNANL2A.

Price money

Group A
1st prize € 1,250
2nd prize € 750
3rd prize € 325
4th prize € 200
5th prize € 125
6th Prize € 100

Group B
1st prize € 350
2nd prize € 200
3rd prize € 100
4th prize € 75
5th prize € 50
6th Prize € 30

Group C
1st prize € 150
2nd prize € 80
3rd prize € 50
4th prize € 40
5th prize € 30
6th Prize € 25

Groups of four
1st prize in group€ 30

Rating Prices (best TPR)
Group A <2100 € 50
Group B <1700 € 50
Group C <1400 € 50

Ladies Price
Most points in group B € 50
Most points in group C € 50


Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek
Utrechtseweg 16
1213 TS Hilversum
Tel: +31 35 6 231 341

It is nice to stay in Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek Arenapark in Hilversum with its convenient location among nature and shops. Amrâth Hotel Lapershoek Arenapark is located near the Media Park, Arena Park business park and only 50 km from Schiphol. The hotel is easily accessible by car and you can park your car for free directly next to the hotel. The hotel is only 5 minute walk from train station Hilversum Sportpark.

Hilversum is the centre of radio, television and new media within the Netherlands. Therefore, during your stay in our Hotel Lapershoek in Hilversum, a trip to the Media Park is a definitely must, as well as a visit to the Sound and Vision Museum.

The surrounding nature of the Hotel Lapershoek in Hilversum is ideal for walking and cyclists can enjoy attractive cycling tours in the Laag en Hoogs Vuursche area. Or enjoy a cruise on the Lakes of Loosdrecht and the river Vecht, where you will sail along the historic villas which are typical for this part of the Netherlands.

During your stay in the Gooische Villa, which is a monumental building, the hotel will definitely give you a unique experience.

Hotel Packages

HSG Open offers in cooperation with hotel Lapershoek attractive arrangements for chess players and / or coaches.

If you would like to make use of it send your request to info@hsgopen.nl, we will arrange the room for you.


Option 1: Bed & breakfast (bed and breakfast)
– Based on a single room: € 64.25 per night per room
– Based on double occupancy: € 80.50 per night per room

Option 2: Half board (bed & breakfast and dinner)
– Based on a single room: € 116.25 per night per room
– Based on a double room: € 132.50 per night per room
– Dinner is based on a three-course menu